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The Long Island Taiwanese Church began in 1978 in Queens under the name of Formosan Mission Christian Church in New York. In 1985 the Mission Church joined the RCA and moved to the Williston Park as a guest congregation and changed the name to The Formosan Reformed Church on Long Island. With a vision to embrace all Taiwanese and Taiwanese churches on Long Island, the church changed its name to Long Island Taiwanese Church in 2005.


長島台灣教會(Long Island Taiwanese Church)於1978年於紐約市皇后區成立. 原名紐約台灣使命基督教會.  1985年9月 29日 加入美國歸正教會(Reformed Church of America)後, 改名為長島台灣歸正教會(The Formosan Reformed Church on Long Island), 並遷入Williston Park 現址. 基於包容長島及大紐約地區的台灣人及台灣教會的異象, 2005年再度改名為長島台灣教會.


1983-1985 年          林順明牧師 (Rev. Paul Lin)

1988-1995  年          賴懿文牧師 (Rev. Eric Lai)

1998-2000 年          楊東川牧師(Rev. William Young)

2004 1- 9月        游豐澤傳道 (Joshua Yu)

2007 6- 2009 5月  林輝隆牧師 (Rev. Paul Lin )

2010 10-           林皙陽牧師(Rev. Shi-Yang Lin)

Long Island Taiwanese Church


99 Campbell Ave. 

Williston Park, NY 11596

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